About Me.

I'm a shy, yet stubborn woman who loves cosplay, sci-fi, writing, drawing, cats, birds, walking everywhere, and heavy metal.

My Philosophy

❤ Kindness matters.
❤ Embrace your inner child with the added wisdom of age.
❤ Cherish your weekends!
❤ Go ahead and do the Thing you've been wanting to do for ages -- paint that landscape, start that garden, & read that book!

Fun Facts!

❤ I'm a veteran
❤ I collect anything and everything I find that has a #HighCastle feel to it!
❤ I also collect action figures!
❤ I was once a telemarketer ;) *gasp* That's right!
❤ My favorite band is Metallica.
❤ My favorite colors are: purple, blue, and black.
❤ I love painting peg dolls.

Favorite Shows

❤ The Man in the High Castle - I mean, it's no surprise. Just look at my website, lol!
❤ Game of Thrones
❤ Chernobyl
❤ Star Trek
❤ The Expanse

Just a few of my travels!